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“Smooth Photo Scanning did a wonderful job with my photo scanning project. I was a little worried about sending off decades of precious family photos, but Brandon from Smooth Scanning (and all of other positive reviewers) helped me feel at ease! I am very pleased with the end result, as well as the excellent customer service along the way. Highly recommend! – Rosemary J.

“Service was excellent and digitizing my compact VHS tapes to something I can use was wonderful. I thought these memories were gone. Smooth Photo Scanning is the place to go!!” – Jim C.

“Smooth Photo Scanning does excellent work. I chose to have some of my vhs tapes “copied” and they were conveniently put onto a flash drive. I was able to drive there, drop them off and then in less than two weeks get them back. It was a great experience and i plan to do it again! Thank you!” – Tina A.

“The crew from Smooth Photo Scanning were professional from beginning to end. They even ended up giving me a bigger discount than they had agreed to. The photo scans were great, all done in the good old USA, no shipping to another country. I would recommend them for any and all services to convert your physical media!” – Karen F.

“My wife and I are very happy we made the decision to have Smooth convert our old photos to digital for us. We literally spent a couple hours that first night when we got them back, viewing them with our kids, through the family room TV. I want to thank Smooth for sorting the pictures and setting them up into different folders. It’s great to have our old photos, even Polaroid’s available this way!” – Paul E.

“I highly recommend Smooth Photo Scanning for their expertise and attentive service. They recently converted some of my aging and deteriorating VHS tapes to DVD. Now the images of my children growing up that were stored on those tapes are properly preserved for both my children’s families. Next job I’ll give them will be to convert my parent’s old 8mm movies.” – Arnold V.

“Very professional, pleasant, and quick. We needed a few items for a family video, but we didn’t really know what was on the tapes. This local company was able to transfer several tapes for a reasonable price, and we were able to extract what we needed. Great job!” – Ellen G.

“Smooth Photo scanning is the best! Brandon is easy to work with and does a GREAT job. I would highly recommend.” – Robert C.

“Smooth Photo Scanning created a DVD for our 50th wedding anniversary. It contained over 400 pictures with music and titles spanning our 50 years together. We are thrilled with the results. Everyone at our party enjoyed the trip down memory lane with us. Great job! They are courteous and easy to work with. Thanks Brandon!” – The Levys

“Wanted to thank you for the amazing quality of the digital files I received the other day. I hadn’t expected anything close to that kind of resolution from 60 year old 8mm film. Pulling together the next batch of reels to send your way, Cheers and thanks!” – Kevin K.

“Brandon was very professional and courteous. He went out of his way to pick up the slides since I didn’t have transportation to drop them off with him. He handled them with care, and returned the finished CDs to me in a timely manner, again dropping them off with me at my desired time and location. The results were good; everything well organized. Two thumbs up for Brandon and his business!” – Don D.

“I surprised my fiance with some good old child memories. Smooth Photo Scanning did an amazing job and it was fast too ! Why have all those old cassette tapes that you cannot watch. Bring them in and you will have your family pictures, videos and more in digital. Thank you guys so much this was actually a perfect gift for him :)” – Marina T.

“I have nothing but great things to say about Brandon and his team. Not only did they offer a great rate for our project, but they were kind and helpful during the entire process. I underestimated how many photos we had but Brandon kept us updated and reduced the price for us as he went along to make sure we got a good deal. We had over 19,000 photos to scan when it was all said and done, and he did it in under 2 months! The pick up process was simple and his team met me at my job to grab the photos, and returned them later after the project was complete. He let us know when we hit our planned budget so he did not go over, and kept us up to date with how far along he was. We found some more photos and will definitely consider using Smooth Photo Scanning again in the future!” – Melissa L.

“Smooth Photo Scanning did such a great job! They transferred all of my old video tapes to an external hard drive and all my home videos can be viewed on my computer now. They were so easy to work with, very professional and everything was done in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend!” – Jill D.

“I am glad I found Smooth Photo’s add on the internet! Brandon and his teammate Jesse were kind and helpful during the entire process, from setting up the appointment through finalizing the order. My wife and I brought close to 30 old VHS and VHS-C tapes, some of them damaged to convert to digital. We got a good price, with discounts and all, and Jesse spent quite some time with us reviewing the tapes (we couldn’t do at home and were not sure which one to convert). They finished the work in less than two weeks and the end results were great!! If I or any of my friends will in the future need to convert videos I would definitely recommend Smooth Photo Scanning!” – Oscar F.

“Great business! As a Christmas present to my parents I decided to have a bunch of their old photo albums and slides converted to digital format. I chose Smooth Photo Scanning Services because they are a family owned business who has been doing this type of work for a very long time. Plus their prices are very good, especially for bulk quantities. I shipped everything out to them and got it back along with my files on a flash drive about 3 weeks later, which was much quicker than I expected. The quality of the images were excellent and my parents loved the gift! Their favorite part about it is posting old pictures to Facebook for Throwback Thursday. I would definitely recommend Smooth Photo Scanning to anyone looking to “preserve their memories.” – Kristina Tull

“If you have VHS tapes or old family photos that you want transferred to DVD without costing you a fortune Smooth Photo Scanning is the place to go. They did a wonderful job transferring my Judy Garland live at Carnegie Hall special I taped from KPBS and unavailable on DVD, along with all my home movies and photos plus some 35mm slides I had stored for years. The sound quality was just as good as the VHS tapes and it’s so much easier to watch the recordings on DVD. My photos and slides are now organized and archived, plus I can share them on social media now too. The price was very reasonable, a lot less than I thought i’d have to pay for this kind of work. If you’ve got video tapes or photos to transfer you should go here! They are a great family run company providing excellent quality at very fair prices. The staff was very helpful and friendly, answered all my questions, and got the job done fast. Highly recommend!” – Kent Smith

“We had a fire and of all the things I was upset about losing, the pictures really meant the most. There were a few that I thought might be able to be saved, but I wasn’t sure. A friend recommended Smooth Photo Scanning Services and I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to help me, but they did. They can really do a lot with very little. I am so happy they were able to save my memories. I am very thankful and would recommend them to anyone.” – Donna Heller

“I love your work! You took five huge albums and turned them into CD’s and Flash Drives. The results were amazing. I’m also happy with the photo restoration you did with my parents’ wedding pictures, that’s a treasure me and my family will enjoy for years to come.” – Gregory Smith

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“I brought 3D slides of my parents wedding. They were created the year of the wedding in 1968. In order to view the slides you need to use a special viewer. I decided I wanted to make an actual wedding album for my parents. I brought the 3D slides in and they did a wonderful job transferring them to a dvd (and online files too) in amazing quality. I would recommend this company. Also the pricing was very reasonable as was the time it took them to get me the finished results.” – Steven C.

“Great quality, service, and pricing from Smooth Photo Scanning for the 20+ 8mm tapes I had converted to digital. Also appreciate the flexibility and communication from Brandon as a few of the tapes had little to no content and I was unable to determine without a 8mm player.I’ll be using again for some old movie conversion and I will recommend to friends and family.” – Brad L.

“Smooth Photo Scanning Services did an excellent job converting our family memories to digital format. I had put off doing this for years, because of the expense and ambiguity of the process – but Smooth Photo Scanning Services was affordable and made the process easy. My order was completed on time and the quality of the project was excellent. Thank you so much! I will definitely use them in the future!” – Christine R.

“I had an excellent experience with Smooth Photo Scanning. My father and I went through a +30 year old storage unit and found many of old photo albums, slides and film from his youth in the 50’s and 60’s. Brandon and his team carefully scanned and replaced all the images from the photo albums (not an easy task as some images were smaller than a credit card) as if they were never touched. They sorted out all duplicates and put them aside. It really was a job you know they did with care and respect. They will be offering the images to be downloaded through a link soon, which will be amazing to make sharing easier with family and friends. Would 1000% use Brandon again for any scanning job. They are very dependable and trust worth and best of all, fantastic pricing! Thank you.” – Kathy W.

“I waited waaaaayyyy too long to have our family photo’s scanned to disk because I was afraid to trust our memories to some company out there. As expected, my photos were returned perfectly and we LOVE having all our family’s history at our fingertips and totally easy to share! My only regret- we waited so long!! Thank you so much for giving us dependable and easy access to our most treasured lifelong memories!! We will continue to use Smooth for all of our photo scanning :)” – Laura V.

“Smooth Photo Scanning did an amazing job turning our old black and white 8mm home movies from the 50’s and 60’s into discs. We wanted a special gift for my 87 year old parents for Mother’s/Father’s Day, and this was the ultimate surprise! Great quality footage with music of our choice in the background. This company was so professional and trustworthy. We even got all the original reels returned to us. I would recommend this business to everyone!” – Janice K.

“I found old VHS tapes from my mother had them transferred to a hard drive. Smooth Photo Scanning did a wonderful job just in time for the holidays for the family to watch. I will be trusting them with my most treasured family photos next. It’s such a comfort to know that they will be in such caring hands.” – Thomasina C.

“I was so happy to find a place close to home that I could entrust with transferring my family’s precious memories from 8mm, Video8 and VHS. The team at Smooth Photo Scanning is professional, thorough and followed up to make sure we were happy. What a relief to know they’re there for my next project.” – Katie G.

“Brandon at Smooth Photo Scanning is amazing! I avoided having my VHS tapes copied for years because these were the only recorded moving images of my late husband. He died when my kids were 5 and 8 in 1989. I couldn’t even watch the VHS tapes when we had a VCR, and then the tapes were lost to me and to the kids. Brandon has been so sensitive to my feelings and nervousness. He is patient and respectful and is a superb human being. I cannot recommend Smooth Photo Scanning highly enough. Don’t DELAY.” – Thea V.

“I contacted Brandon when I realized that I needed to have my wedding video put onto a DVD. He was very friendly, courteous and reassured me that this transfer would be smooth. A few days later he contacted me saying the process was complete. Not only did they do a great job in a very short amount of time and at a reasonable price, they also provided me with a digital download of the video as well. Great job by Brandon and all at Smooth Photo Scanning. I will be bringing all of the photos I have that need to be digitized as well.” – Steve M.

“I have had several VHS tapes of family events that we could no longer watch because as technology changed we also moved on to other formats. I surprised my wife with a birthday present of several tapes that Smooth Photo Scanning converted to digital files. My wife was thrilled. We began watching these events and thoroughly enjoyed them with both laughter and tears. We even rounded up more for a second file conversion.” – David C.

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“Smooth Photo Scanning did an excellent job scanning three albums full of family photos. Their turnaround time was great, and the pricing was very reasonable. Our photos are now safe, on CD, for use by all of our extended family and friends. We are very pleased with their work!” – Susannah D.

“It was with some trepidation that we turned our very earliest family movie reels of 8mm film (going back 60+ years) to “Smooth Photo Scanning”, and they blew us away with these precious memories now all on a DVD ,providing well chosen background music that made for hours of family laughter and enjoyment this past Mother’s day. We recommend their excellent work highly.” – Joe B.

“I heartily recommended Smooth Photo Scanning. They scanned some family slides from the 1940s and 50s and VHS-to-DVD conversions. Rest assured that your precious memories are not shipped overseas, but everything is done in-house. Turn-around time is weeks, not months or even years!” – Jeffrey G.

“I am so pleased with the quality of the product and the fabulous customer service I received from Smooth Photo Scanning! I highly recommend the company!!!!” – Julie W.

“Smooth Photo Scanning did a great job bringing back to life several old VHS recordings. The first time was so great we went back with more tapes to convert. Now we are working through old family photos to preserve even more memories.” – David C.

“Smooth Photo Scanning did a great job converting a video tape I have of TV commercials that I worked on as an Art director in Advertising to a CD. They go back many years and bring back many memories of my career in advertising. The quality and sound was excellent and they were nicely labeled and presented in a folder. Now I can show my commercials to family and friends that wondered what I did all those years on Madison Avenue. Timing and price was excellent. I strongly recommend them.” Warren G.

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“My recent experience with Smooth Solutions was great! Brandon Harris replied promptly when I inquired about prices, the ordering process went smoothly, and the quality of the disk was fantastic. The fact that Brandon called to ask a question was a plus.Last night my children and their families watched the whole show, laughing and enjoying immensely the photos you had so beautifully converted to disk. I would certainly give you five stars, use your services again, and I have already recommended you to family who might be interested in doing the same thing.” – Dorothy D.

“Smooth Photo Scanning converted about 2,000 of my old 35mm slides to digital. They even picked them up at my house and dropped them back off when they were done with the files on a flash drive. I was very happy with their professionalism and quality.” – George M.

“Great service! I started scanning my family albums myself a few years ago but didn’t even come close to finishing because it took forever to scan them one by one on my home scanner, so frustrating! When I saw Smooth Photo Scanning’s ad online I decided it was a no-brainer to have them do it for me. Their prices are very reasonable compared to other companies and they are local, which made me more comfortable leaving my albums with them. The turnaround time was very fast. I will be using them again for my parent’s albums.” – Ashley N.

“When I was a teenager there was a flood in our basement and all the pictures of my sister and I growing up were ruined. My mother still gets upset about it when the subject comes up because those were the only copies. I didn’t want to risk something like that ever happening to my kids’ childhood photos and my wedding album so I decided to have them scanned to a hard drive. Now I don’t have to worry if something ever did happen to the originals. Plus it’s nice to be able to share our memories online. Smooth Photo Scanning provides an excellent service with top notch quality all around.” – Rob T.

“Our mother was so surprised when we gave her a little flash disk with 30 years of family photos and albums on it. She was especially happy when she saw her wedding album photos scanned.” – Julie B.

“Our family photo albums go back almost 75 years, many were fragile to handle. Smooth Photo Scanning services treated them with care and value. They know what they’re doing!” – Marissa L.

“Smooth Photo Scanning did a great job converting my massive collection of VHS tapes to DVD. I would definitely recommend them.” – Steve W.