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8 Tips for Taking Photos with Your Smartphone

Taking photos with your smartphone
Year round we have reason upon reason to snap photos like crazy. Maybe there is a beautiful snowfall, a birthday party, a family reunion or a vacation. Don’t you wish these memories could be captured with professional quality? But what if you have minimal experience taking photos? How do you snap a cool one? Here […]

The Best Way To Clean Slides

Clean Slides
Slides provide amazing, 1st generation images – creating the ability to produce uninhibited printed and digital copies of the original picture. HOWEVER, for the digital images to be clear, you must scan a clean slide. Nowadays, slides typically end up stored in carousels or boxes in attics and basements. This exposes them to dirt, dust, […]

How to Create a Custom Photo Slideshow

Custom Photo Slideshow
Custom photo slideshows are an amazing, intriguing way to share memories and special moments with a variety of people. When creating a photo slideshow there are numerous factors to keep in mind: number of photos, length of the show, type of music, slide effects & transitions, titles & captions, overall pace of the show, etc. […]

What Causes Videotape Decay & How to Prevent It

VHS to DVD, Videotape transfer, video tape decay
Unfortunately, we can guarantee your videotapes will deteriorate over time, regardless of how you store them and how carefully you handle them. VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, MiniDV & Betamax tapes degrade quickly, as they were never meant to be long term video storage solutions. In fact, magnetic tapes begin to deteriorate in as little as […]

How To: Remove Photographs Stuck to Glass

How to Remove Photos Stuck to Glass
We often talk about the struggles that go along with paper photos in the forms of natural deterioration, damage due to the elements, photos glued down, photos stuck in magnetic albums, etc. And while many of us have experienced a photo getting stuck to the glass of a picture frame, it’s not often you hear […]

The Basics of Cloud Storage

cloud storage
What Is Cloud Storage? Over recent years cloud storage has gained more and more popularity among consumers. This storage method is a great way to ensure the back-up of as many digital files as you want. But, it doesn’t require you or your actual device to store the data. Numerous companies provide cloud storage options […]