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Loose Photo Scanning Service & Albums


loose photo scanning

While photo prints may seem durable since people hold onto them for so long; physical photos are delicate memories. Photographs can fade, rip, burn, get damaged by the elements, and be lost forever. Ensure you don’t lose those precious memories by taking advantage of our professional photo scanning service to convert your photos to high quality digital images. Digital photos can be backed upon a DVD, flash-drive, hard-drive or cloud and effortlessly shared!

Photo Scanning ServiceOur Photo Scanning Service

  • We scan photos on-site in Lodi, NJ – just outside of NYC
  • We expertly digitize loose photos, photo albums, scrapbooks & more
  • More cost & time effective than our competitors or scanning yourself
  • Our technicians are highly trained to capture the best scans possible
  • Once digitized, your photos will never have to be scanned again
  • Easily view and share your favorite old photos with family & friends

Loose Photo Scanning Service

We offer photo scanning for any size or type of photo you may have. Our photo scanning service includes a variety of photo enhancements as well. This way your photos are ready to be shared as soon as you receive your digital images. We crop, rotate, de-skew and color correct all of your photos as a part of our in-depth digitization process. Our loose photo scanning prices are for photos without any adhesive backing and aren’t severely crumpled or damaged. Click here for loose photo scanning prices.

Photo Album Scanning Service

Photo Scanning ServicePhoto albums will always be a great way to store and look through old pictures. However, since photo albums are typically one of a kind keepsakes, the physical prints and memories they contain are at risk of being damaged or lost forever. Plus, photo albums can be so bulky and take up so much space that they are often stored in hard to access areas and therefore rarely enjoyed.

Our photo album scanning service is slightly more costly because of the additional labor required. Our scanning technicians will remove each individual photo from their sleeves, scan them, and return them in original order. Of course you can always take the photos out of your albums before sending them to us. Or save yourself the time and frustration and let us do it for you.

Digitizing Photo Albums & Scrapbooks

We make the experience of digitizing all your photo albums hassle free and affordable. We accept photo albums of any size containing sleeved, mounted or framed photos that can be removed as well as albums with pictures stuck to the pages. All photos will be returned to you in their original condition and order. We also scan over-sized scrapbooks where we create a single large image for each page. Click here for photo album & scrapbook scanning prices.

*Note – To minimize the risk of damage, photos in albums that require adhesive or corner holders to put back in place will not be returned to the albums. Instead, the loose photos will be placed in envelopes labeled by the name of the album and in original order.

Our Photo Scanning Equipment

To ensure the safety of your original photos, we scan each picture by hand. We use only top quality, commercial brand equipment to guarantee you receive the highest quality digital image as a result of utilizing our photo scanning service. Depending on the type of photos or albums you have, our trained scanning technicians will determine the best scanner(s) to use for your project. Once we scan and enhance your photos, there are endless ways to view and share them. Most importantly they are safe from wear, tear and loss.

Photo scanning service

Photo Scanning Resolution

An advantage to using our photo scanning service is the resolution capabilities we offer. Resolution is one of the biggest factors that determine the quality of scanned digital images. Resolution is measured in Dots Per Inch (DPI) and refers to the amount of information or detail a digital photo holds. Scanning photos at a higher resolution results in sharper, higher quality digital images.

300 DPI– Photos digitized at 300 DPI are great for viewing and sharing on digital devices and can be printed at the same size as the original without any loss of image quality.

600 DPI – Scanning photos at 600 DPI results in sharper images with more detail. They can be printed at twice the size of the original without any loss of quality. For example, a 4″ x 6″ picture can be reprinted at 8″ x 12″ without becoming blurry or distorted.

1200 DPI – Scanning at 1200 DPI captures as much detail as possible and is considered “Professional” quality. Scanned images can be reprinted at least 4 times the size of the original print. The benefit of scanning photos at this high of a resolution is superior quality for printing and editing. The downside is that the file sizes are very large can be difficult to work with. It is also more expensive because the scanning takes much longer at this resolution. 300 or 600 DPI will suit the needs of most people.

Image Formats of Scanned Photos

photo scanning service

The standard file format we use for our photo scanning service is minimally compressed JPEG files. If you are looking at digital image on a computer or the internet it is most likely a JPEG file. JPEG allows for very high quality images, while also keeping the file size small. This means you can store more digitized photos on a flash drive, disc or device without using up all of your storage space.

While we recommend using JPEG, we can also scan photos in TIFF format. TIFF is a raw format and is technically the best quality output one can have for a digital photo. However, the file size can be enormous and the quality difference isn’t generally noticeable enough to be worth the amount of storage space it requires. Also, because of the file size most web browsers cannot display TIFF images, making them more difficult to share with family and friends.

What people are saying about Smooth Photo Scanning Services…

“My wife and I are very happy we made the decision to have Smooth convert our old photos to digital for us. We literally spent a couple hours that first night when we got them back, viewing them with our kids, through the family room TV. I want to thank Smooth Photo Scanning Service for sorting the pictures and setting them up into different folders. It’s great to have our old photos, even Polaroid’s available this way!” – Paul E.

“Great service! I started scanning my family albums myself a few years ago but didn’t even come close to finishing because it took forever to scan them one by one on my home scanner, so frustrating! When I saw Smooth Photo Scanning Service ad online I decided it was a no-brainer to have them do it for me. Their prices are very reasonable compared to other companies. Plus they are local, which made me more comfortable leaving my albums with them. The turnaround time was very fast. I will be using them again for my parents’ albums.” – Ashley N.

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