Photo Restoration Services | Digital Photo Restoration
  • Photo Restoration of moderate to severely damaged photos
  • Repair faded, stained, torn, cracked, fire/water damaged photos
  • Color correction, touch up, and image enhancement
  • Black & white or color photos accepted, any size or format
  • Fast Turnaround. Call or email for a FREE estimate

Photo Restoration Services

Photo Restoration Services
Photo Restoration Service Smooth Photo Scanning Services provides high quality photo restoration services to return your old, tarnished photos back to near perfect condition. Old pictures fade, degrade, crack and tear. Let our photo restoration specialists bring a new life to your old photo memories.

Our photo restoration service is our most detailed and in-depth digital repair service.The photo restoration techniques we utilize allow us to return nearly any photo to a near original state, whether they have faded from age or if they were damaged by fire, light, water, or mold. We can also recreate missing pieces, add backgrounds and colorize black and white photos.

Most importantly, our photo restoration service allows you to enjoy old photos as intended and to be shared safely with loved ones for generations to come.

Restoring Your Old Photographs


Photo Enhancement Services

  • Repair torn or cracked photos
  • Stain and blemish removal
  • Colorize black and white images & fix faded images
  • Recreate missing pieces & reassemble pieces
  • Repair water or fire damaged photos
  • Color correction & enhancement
  • Combine two photos into one image
  • Add in or take out people or objects

Digital Photo Restoration Process & PricingRestoring Old Photographs

Our photo restoration process begins with scanning a high resolution image of your damaged photograph. You can drop of or mail your photo to us to scan or you can scan the photo yourself and email us the image. Then our photo restoration experts get to work on digitally repairing every detail of your photo.

We do not use automated processes and each photo is retouched individually using specialized software and advanced techniques. Severely damaged photos can take several hours to repair. Once complete, we will email you a proof for your review. If you are not satisfied with your newly restored photos, we will revise them until you are.

Each photo restoration project is unique and quoted individually. Once you send, drop off or email us your photo, we will assess the severity of the damage and determine the cost based on what will be required of us to restore it. Quotes are free of charge and there is no obligation until you accept our quote and remit a deposit. Turnaround is typically 3 – 5 days.

Digital Photo RestorationPricing for photo restoration varies depending on the severity of damage and the amount of work required:


Basic Restoration ranges from $50 – $75
Moderate Restoration ranges from $75 – $125
Extreme Restoration ranges from $125 – $175


What people are saying about Smooth Photo Scanning Services

“We had a fire and of all the things I was upset about losing, the pictures really meant the most. There were a few that I thought might be able to be saved, but I wasn’t sure. A friend recommended Smooth Photo Scanning Services and I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to help me, but they did. They can really do a lot with very little. I am so happy they were able to save my memories. I am very thankful and would recommend them to anyone” – Donna Heller

“When I was a teenager there was a flood in our basement and all the pictures of my sister and I growing up were ruined. My mother still gets upset about it when the subject comes up because those were the only copies. I didn’t want to risk something like that ever happening to my kids’ childhood photos and my wedding album so I decided to have them scanned to a hard drive. Now I don’t have to worry if something ever did happen to the originals. Plus it’s nice to be able to share our memories online. Smooth Photo Scanning provides an excellent service with top notch quality all around.” – Rob T.

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