Scanning and Conversion Process | Smooth Photo Scanning

How it Works – Our Proven Process

Photo Scanning Service, Video Transfer Service

Placing Your Order

  • Call to speak with one of our team members or use our online ordering system
  • Box up your collection of photos, video tapes and/or audio tapes. You can pre-label bundles of photos or albums and we will name the folders accordingly or you can organize your digital files upon receipt
  • Choose shipping method, drop-off location or schedule a pick up
  • Put down a 50% deposit for estimated quantities and pay for shipping (if applicable)
  • Don’t worry about counting or sorting; just get your collection to us and we’ll take care of the rest!

Inventory & Preparation

  • Our receiving team will inventory, sort, label and enter your project into production
  • Necessary items are prepared for scanning (Exp: photos, slides & negatives removed from any plastic, cleaned, organized, etc.)
  • Project supervisor, scan technician, designated equipment and quality control expert are assigned to your order

Scanning & Quality Assurance

  • Scanning and video & audio transfers are performed on high end equipment by trained technicians to meet your expectations
  • All files are viewed individually by our quality assurance team to make sure your photos, videos, and audio tapes meet our standards.
  • Potential errors are compared to the original and re-scanned as necessary.
  • All scanned images are cropped, rotated, deskewed, and enhanced as necessary
  • All videos are edited to remove blank space, enhance quality, and converted to proper file format


  • Images and videos are checked again for quality and formatted according to specifications
  • Digital files are written to CD, DVD, Flash-drive, external hard-drive, or uploaded for online transfer
  • You will receive an email with the final amount due
  • Once paid, your digital files and original media is returned to you via your preferred method

Enjoy, Relax, Create & Share!

  • Relive and enjoy all of your amazing moments
  • Share your precious memories with family and close friends
  • Have peace of mind knowing your family legacy is protected and preserved for generations
  • Create memorial slideshows, photo montages, highlight reels, re-prints, family documentaries and anything else you can think of with your new digital files
  • Tell your friends and family members about our amazing services!