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Convert Cassette to CD or MP3


audio cassette to cd, audio cassette to mp3

While visual memories are an amazing way to reminisce, audio memories can be even more precious. Imagine having an MP3 file of that old reel-to-reel tape of your great grandmother singing, your late father reading you a bedtime story or a CD of the mix tape from your high school crush.

As the technology to listen to cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, vinyl records becomes obsolete, it can be impossible to find or very expensive to obtain working players. Listening to your favorite audio files may not even be possible soon. To complete your digital memory collection we offer a wide range of audio transfer services so we can preserve as many of your memories as possible.


Transfer Audio Cassette To CD or MP3

Our audio engineers will play your content, digitize and convert it to a digital format. Standard audio output options are to MP3, WAV and/or CD. We can also convert tapes to FLAC or Apple Lossless upon request. Our basic audio cassette transfer service will output each side of the cassette as a separate file. As an optional service, we can separate and label each individual track with original or custom titles. Track separation and track labeling is included for reel-to-reel transfers.

All reel-to-reel and cassette to MP3 or CD conversions include audio optimizations to enhance your listening experience. We remove background hissing, even out volume fluctuations and adjust playback levels. We also trim out blank space at the beginning and end of each recording.


Accepted Audio Formats

Cassette Tape


This was the first major consumer method for recording audio at home.

Micro Cassette


These were standard for answering machines and voice recording devices

Reel to Reel


Reel-to-reel audio tape was one of the first methods of recording audio at home. We can transfer reels up to 10″

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“I am so pleased with the quality of the product and the fabulous customer service I received from Smooth Photo Scanning! I highly recommend the company!!!!” – Julie W.

“Very professional, pleasant, and quick. We needed a few items for a family video, but we didn’t really know what was on the tapes. This local company was able to transfer several tapes for a reasonable price, and we were able to extract what we needed. Great job!” – Ellen G.

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audio cassette to cd, audio cassette to mp3