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Bring New Life to Old Memories

Smooth Photo Scanning Services is a family owned company that helps bring a new life to your old memories. By converting your hard copy media to digital format, they can effortlessly be viewed, shared, and enjoyed. Don’t let your precious memories fade away and collect dust hidden in the attic, basement or closet. Let us make all of your cherished photos and home videos safe and available at your fingertips. Converting your priceless keepsakes to digital format is the only way to truly protect, preserve and share your legacy with future generations.

With over 25 years of experience handling sensitive, one of a kind media, we are experts at digitizing all types of formats including but not limited to photos, albums, slides, film negatives, video tapes, roll film, and audio tapes. We treat all of our client’s valued items as we do our own and our commitment to your satisfaction is unmatched by any of our competitors.

Photo Scanning Services

Why Converting to Digital is a Great Idea!

  • Immediate access from your computer, tablet, or smart phone
  • Easily share photos and videos with your family and friends
  • Protect your one of a kind keepsakes from fading and deterioration over time
  • Eliminate risk of damage from fire, floods, and other unforeseen disasters
  • Insurance against losing priceless photos, videos, and film forever
  • Save space, free up clutter and easily organize digital files
  • Your family legacy will be preserved and protected for future generations!
  • Smooth Photo Scanning makes the process easy, convenient and affordable!

View scanned images from any device

Smooth Photo Scanning is The Best Choice for All Digital Conversion Needs

Experience & Security

With over 25 years of experience, we guarantee your one of a kind items are handled with expertise and care. Our scanning facility includes a variety of top of the line security measures to ensure your mementos are safe and secure.

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Scanning Services

Smooth Photo Scanning offers a wide range of scanning and conversion services to best suit your needs. Services range from photo scanning and restoration to video and audio transfers. All work is done in house, at our facility in Lodi, NJ.

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How It Works

We ensure our customers have a hassle free and safe experience when using Smooth Photo Scanning Services. We offer a variety of methods for getting your collection to us and our proven production process ensures the highest quality.

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